Beer pong table rules

Some beer drinkers have no idea that there is something called beer games even exist. As beer is the most commonly used choice of beverage during the game other types of alcohol and even water is sometimes used. Beer games are truly fascinating and extremely competitive. Beer pong is one of the most famous of beer games and played at house parties and dorm rooms all over. Beer pong has become so popular that this year Las Vegas will be hosting the World Series of beer pong during June 1-5. Now lets get straight into the beer pong table rules so you can have a clear understanding of how the game is played.

Beer pong table rules consist of seven parts:

  • The formation setup
  • Team Gameplay
  • Teams Turns
  • Body part restrictions
  • Cup Rearrangement
  • Ball Hitting
  • Maintaining Cups

You will be using two sides of the table when setting up the 10 cup formation.

The actual formation is going to take the shape of a pyramid. This pyramid shape arrangement will be displayed on both sides of the beer pong table. Next, fill your cups with the beverage of choice.

Teams of two takes turn throwing a tennis ball into the other team cups on the other side of the table. If the ball lands in a filled cup it is immediately taken away. Also, the player must consume of the beverage that is in the cup. The person with the ability to focus on the game and their opponent equally will win. You must shoot the ball while maintaining your eyesight solely on your opponent. The first player that does this is going to go first. If you are interested in buying a beer pong table, we recommend you look here: Quality beer pong table

The game itself

music and beer

As the game can get rather rowdy your elbows and wrist at all times must be behind the edge of the beer pong table. If this rule is broken the shoot that was taken will not count.

Cups as you can imagine in a game like this can get moved around and get out of order. So rearranging the cups can only be done twice for the entire duration of the game. Each team has the opportunity to request this only during the start of that turn.

When a ball hits the table and gets into a cup that cup has to be removed immediately from the game. The defending team has to remove a cup as well this is only fair to both teams.

When dealing with keeping order in the game of beer pong, a beer pong rack is highly recommended. A player on either team can ask for the cups in the game to be fixed. This fixed formation is basically the original way the cups were before they may have gotten out of place.

A beer pong kit can consist of 22 cups and 2 balls and can be purchased for $5.00 and up depending on the brand. Also, depending on the chosen brand and design a beer pong table can range from $ 100.00 and up.

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